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PA620-B6 Bus Differential Protection Device

PA620-B6 bus differential protection device is suitable for double bus connection, double bus and double sectional connection, single bus connection and single bus sectional connection. It is equipped with bus (sectional) charging overcurrent protection and line failure relieving voltage locking function. It supports SV sampling, GOOSE tripping and bus permission. The maximum number of access intervals is 15.

The protection configuration of the PA-620B6 bus protection device is as follows

1. differential protection

2. circuit breaker failure protection

3. failure protection of mother company (subsection)

Dead zone protection for 4. bus couplet (subsection)

5. mother coupler (sectional) charging overcurrent protection (two segment)

6. mother coupler (segmented) charging for dead zone fault protection

7. line failure and voltage relief.

8. branch CT break alarm and blocking differential protection

9. mother couplet (subsection) CT break alarm

10. PT break alarm function

11. gate abnormal alarm

12. bus interconnection alarm


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